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LONG STORY SHORT Nutrition and Brain Health: Is it too much on your mind or the wrong things on yo

This is the first of many to come F~LOG posts called LONG STORY SHORT, (or LSS). My efforts to stay certified, licensed and most of all educated and current, involve reading many science/research articles through the year. ‘LSS’ will be kind of my summary for you so it saves you time but also keeps you informed. Knowledge is POWER after all…

In this first post, i will summarize an article called ‘The Nutritionist View, from my American College of Sports Medicine CEC’s. When you hear the phrase “THEY SAY”, it doesn’t get much more legit in the global health and fitness industry than getting it from ACSM.


We have all had those days where we have the dreaded CRS disease…”Can’t Remember Shat”. Is it that we have too much going on, too many things on our minds or is it something more serious?

First of all, what is ‘brain health’? Using Google as my source (of course), it is defined as “the ability to remember, learn, plan, concentrate and maintain a clear active mind’ I might be in trouble!

We have come to recognize Dementia and Alhzeiner’s Disease as just the opposite of brain health. Mostly found in older populations, as many as half million Americans under the age of 65 now have some form of dementia. My mom taught me not to use ‘the word in the definition’. So if asked, could you describe the difference between Dementia and Alzhuiner’s? Or what even really is dementia? More definitions coming right up…

Dementia is a “chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease of injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes and impaired reasoning. Alzheiner’s Disease itself is just one form of dementia. These diseases are the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.

Since this article is about NUTRITION, do you suppose there is a link between GOOD Nutrition and preserving brain health? Yes...YES...YES!!!

Research shows us there is a way to fuel our bodies that leads to brain health and even can reverse the decline already in progress!

Here is the LSS part }---> What should we be eating?

‘THEY’ suggest we follow the MIND diet which stands for Mediterranean Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay.

1. Consuming at least three servings of whole grains per day

2. Consuming a salad each day

3. Eating one other vegetable every day

(Go for dark greens, deep reds/oranges, purple and blue, even white.

Eat the Rainbow for all of the different antioxidants, vitamins and

Minerals they provide.

4. Drinking a glass of wine each day

*YAY! But just one!!!

5. Snacking on nuts almost every day (and seeds)

6. Eating beans every other day

7. Consuming poultry and berries at least twice a week

8. Eating fish at least once a week

‘THEY’ also added, to avoid unhealthy foods. Limit things like fried and fast foods, butter, stick margarine, highly processed foods or refined sugars. They know it will creep into your diet somehow, just mindfully limit these things! (Secret word, MINDFULLY, while we can still use them)

So...wait...that is the BIG SECRET RESEARCH BASED PLAN?

Eat healthy like our moms and grandmas said to? Who Knew? THEY DID!!! Now you do.

But does it really work? One study of 900 octogenarians found that by eating this way, they tested 7.5 years younger than their counterparts that did not eat this way. Also in this study, those who STRICTLY followed the nutrition guidelines decreased their risk of the disease by approximately 53%. Even those that only sort of, moderately followed the plan, decreased their risk by 35%.

SUMMARY: It is perhaps NOT too much on your mind, but it is probably the WRONG stuff on your plate! Now go forth to the grocery store and use your brains, not your stomachs, to shop.

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