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Here is a fun workout idea and all you need is a deck of cards. To make things more interesting, use an UNO deck and you can get 'crazy' with the specialty cards. You can do this outside while going for a walk or inside on a rainy day. If you stay indoors, put some fun music on and DANCE during you one minute fill time. Here are some suggestions but you can use your imagination and make up moves of your own for your age or fitness ability. This would be great for kids, senior citizens or even crank it up for a seriously sweaty workout.

Assign an activity or workout move to each of the suits (or colors if you use UNO cards)

For example:

Hearts (Red) A cardio move like Jumping Jacks

Diamonds (Yellow) An upper body move like Push ups

Clubs (Green) A Lower Body move like squats or lunges

Spades (Blue) A Core move like a crunch or sit up or even a bicycle move (this could be also done then seated or standing but 1= right and left)

THE JOKER (WILD CARD) Think of something more 'epic' like a 10 Burpee or Down Ups o

hold a plank for 30 seconds...make it age/ability challenging and fun.

The reps you do are according to the number of the card. You can keep the face cards as all 10's but that is less fun than Jack=11, Queen = 12, King =13, and to be CRAZY make the ACE =15. (OMG! Cause it would be a shame to do only 1 of something))

Remember to warm up first since this is still a workout. Take 3-5-7 minutes to makes sure muscles are warm and joints are moving.

Set a timer for 1 minute intervals. (If you do not have a timer, give yourself a break for 'active recovery' of approximately 1 minute or at least the same amount of time it took you to do the previous move as rest before doing the next card.

So the workout could look like:


Card (do the move)

Walk, dance, jog, run 1 minute


Walk, dance, jog, run...1 minute

You get it!

Preset a time or number of cards you want to stay active for. Allow some time for cool down and stretching.

Most of all HAVE FUN!!!


If you try this workout, post a pic on our Base Camp FB Group page or your own pages (FB/Instagram) and #bcfitco or #hitthedeckbcfitco

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